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We Are
Dedicated Logistics Consulting Company for Owner 
Operators In America

Our Services

LFS offers many different transportation services within today's freight trucking market. We offer logistics freight brokerage services with dedicated carriers working solely within LFS Partner Carrier Program. Our company is geographically strategic as we currently focus niche industry markets within the United States. We also offer Owners a trucking passive income opportunity from our hosted company Most importantly, not only is LFS established in these strategic industries, but each location we work within is equipped with the top logistic talents and services to help owner operators create a passive income and move freight loads with more consistency. We have been moving freight more than 2 Decades and currently still moving forward within the trucking industry.

Gain more knowledge of what we do by visiting Our Service Website.

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How We Do It

Great People Make A great Company

We provide personal trucking company supply chain solutions to America's most successful companies. Our work is important, competitive and satisfying. We are growing nationwide at an incredible pace. 

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